Founder's Story

“Overly protective is something
I’ve been
my whole life and
this just made sense.”

We were in need of better
sunscreen protection.

I realized this is a problem that exists for many parents and that I could do something about it.

When I became a dad, I remember my wife and I struggling to figure out which sunscreen had the best protection and the safest ingredients without being sticky and hard to get on our kids’ skin on our way out the door. We were left with even more questions and no sunscreen that made us feel comfortable.

I'll just make my own...

As a former Navy SEAL, protection for myself and my family is always at the top of my list. I began working with a world renowned formulator who has been in the skincare business for over 20 years and we formed a partnership to work on creating a line of superior products.

As I started to dig into all of the different zinc sunscreens I could get my hands on, I noticed how white and pasty most of them left my skin. It turns out this has been one of the biggest issues to solve in the mineral sunscreen world!

The formulator I was working with found a completely new way to work with non-nano zinc oxide as the ONLY active ingredient and it would rub in transparent and smooth. We could finally rub highly-protective zinc oxide mineral sunscreen in until it was clear, and it still felt great. At one point, we looked at each other and that’s when it hit me, we knew this could be a sunscreen for everyone.

There was finally a sunscreen I believed in.

I saw how it was made, I used it on myself, and it was undeniable. I brought samples home to my wife and my kids and we incorporated it into our daily routines. It was the first time I could say with 100% confidence that I was using the best sunscreen possible on my family.

My “overly protective” nature finally has a sunscreen to match.